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AFM-I Integrated Atomic Force Microscope with 10X apochromatic objective


High –precision & Large scale Piezoceramic Tube Scanner, USB2.0/3.0


  • stable anti-vibration performance
  • precision laser detection
  • piezoceramic tube scanner
  • single axle drive for accurate scanning
  • motor controls the intelligent injection mode

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Scan rate
Scan angle
10X(Optional: 20X)
DSP digital feedback
  • Scan head and sample scanning stage are designed together, strong anti-vibration stable performance
  • Precision laser detection and probe alignment device make laser adjustment simple and easy
  • Sample approaches the probe vertically automatically with single axle drive, locating the scanned area accurately, and making the tip perpendicular to the sample scanning
  • Intelligent injection mode for automatic detection of pressurized electrical ceramics controlled by motor, for protecting the probe and sample
  • High –precision & Large scale Piezoceramic Tube Scanner, change according to different accuracy and scanning range requirements
  • Optical position, 10X apochromatic objective without focusing for real-time observation and locating scanning area of probe sample
  • Adopt spring for vibration isolation, simple and good performance
  • Metal soundproof and built-in high-precision temperature-humidity sensor for real-time monitoring of working environment
  • Integrated scanner hardware nonlinear correction user editor, nano-characterization and measurement accuracy is better than 98%


Specification for AFM-I

Basic Operation Modes

Contact mode, Tapping mode, F-Z curve measurement, RMS-Z curve measurement

Optional Operation Modes

Friction/Lateral, Amplitude/Phase, Magnetic/ Electrostatic

Sample Size


Max. Scan Range

XY:50μm, Z: 5μm (Optional: XY: 110μm, Z:10μm)


X/Y: 0.2 nm, Z: 0.05nm

Sample movement


Optical Mag.

10X(Optional: 20X)

Optical Resolution

1μm (Optional: 0.8μm)

Scan rate


Scan angle


Scanning control

XY: 18-bit D/A, Z: 16-bit D/A

Data sampling

One 14-bit A/D and double 16-bit A/D multiple-channel simultaneously

Feedback Mode

DSP digital feedback

Feedback sampling rate




Operation Environment

Compatible with WindowsXP/7/8/10

Application for AFM-I

Material Science

Observation and research of material surface, including surface roughness, surface structure, particle size, defects etc. metal and alloy, thin film, liquid crystal, crystal, superconductor etc.


Automatic on-line detection of LSI, study the local electrical characteristics of IC. It is also used in the ultra-high density information storage and retrieval research.


DNA, Chromatin structure, Protein/Protease enzyme Reaction, Protein adsorption, Biological macromolecules react to cell surface antigens and intracellular proteins, the movement and morphology of cells, the unraveling of chromosome binding.

Medical Science

A powerful means of mesoscopic manipulation, including drugs, pharmacology, immunology, diagnosis and treatment etc.


Integrate optical technology with AFM technology to form a brand-new subject: near-field optics. It is a combination of super resolution in AFM’s san apperance and the merits of optical scanning.


Scan the surface electron structures, energy levels, wave functions etc. Mesoscopic physics can be carried out.


AFM is an effective in situ detection tool, study the surface chemical reactions at the atomic level, meanwhile detect the change of atomic in surface chemical reaction.

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