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VGM650A Trinocular Continuous Zoom Jewelry & Gemology Microscope with optional lens and digital camera


6.7X/45X, identification of synthetic products, optimized treatments and artifacts


  • 360° rotatable base for multiple operators to use and comminicate
  • Perpendicular polarized light and conoscopic observation increase the key identification basis of gem
  • Humanization design (three illumination modes and both sides mounting holes)
  • 30W super bright adjustable halogen light, 7W daylight top lamp
  • Integrated global wide voltage power, 100V-240V, stable brightness

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focusing movement
Working Distance
360° rotatable base
Ellipse base

VGM650A adopts optical system with clarity image, 3D effect and large magnification, and it is suitable for operators with different height beacause of its rotatable arm. This microscope is used in jewelry identification to observe the intrinsic and surface characteristics of the sample and is invisible to the naked eye. It is an indispensable gem identification instrument for the identification of synthetic products, optimized treatments and artifacts. It also has extremely important applications in diamond grading, such as observing clarity characteristics, observing and evaluating the color grade of diamonds. The joint of the lamp is easy to adjust the illuminator angle, and the focusing movement is 125mm for observing the gem and jewelry with different sizes. The steel gem clip has moderate firm and reduce the light blocking the waist of the gem, which make a all-round observation. The mounting holes of the gem clips both sides of the table provide the adjustment of eye point and angle. Reasonable illumination configuration will provides comfortable and easy operation. We also provide the accessory gem clips, steel wire clip and flat clamp for operators. The crystal characteristics of the inner and outer structure of the gem will be better observed by the polarizer. This microscope is widely used in jewelry appraisal institutions and colllege/ university.



VGM650A and its connected computer

VGM650A and its connected computer


Identified the surface characteristics of the sample: gem’s growth striation, etch fugure, scratch, damage, symmetry, split surface (bubble, gloss difference) etc.

Observe the intrinsic characteristics of the sample: inclusions’ type, shape and quantity, double crystal surface, growth striation, color distribution characteristics, initial cleavage, defect etc.

Observe the doubling of facet edge: the doubling of facet edge of the gems with high birefringence, such as zircon(DR=0.059), olivine (DR=0.036) and tourmaline (DR=0.078).

Specification for VGM650A


High eye point WF10X(Φ22mm) adjustable diopter (micrometer can be installed)


0.67X-4.5X Ratio: 6.7:1

Total Mag.

6.7X/45X (Optional: 0.5X,2X Aux.)

3.3X-180X(Optional: 20X)


Trinocular, 45°inclined, 360°Rotatable, Diopter adjustment: ±5 diopters

Interpupillary distance


Polarization device

Perpendicular polarized & conoscopic observation

Working Distance



Three modes: bright field, dark field and top light: 30W super bright adjustable halogen light, Φ2-42mm continuous adjustable diaphragm. 7W daylight top lamp, color temperature meets the requirement of diamond grading lighting. 100V-240V wide voltage power, stable brightness


Ellipse base, 360° rotatable

Gem clips

Humanization design clips each side which are adjustable change


Net: 9kg, Gross: 14kg


Instrument: 24X34X42 (cm)

Package: 52X30X42 (cm)

Accessories for VGM650A


WF15X(Φ15mm), WF20X(Φ12mm)

Auxilliary Objective


Micrometer Eyepiece


Electronic eyepiece

3MP,5MP,9MP,14MP (imaging with leaflets, timing, continuous acquistion of images, display scale, measurement and other functions; Many other output methods: multi-media, print, e-mail)

DSLR digital camera

Canon, Nikon, Leica and other camera with over 10MP (photo, video and other functions)

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