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HVS-400P Optical Microscope with Camera with Touch Screen


HD 10” touch screen, USB & HDMI output simultaneously


  • Equipped with HD 10” touch screen, HDMI output can be realized simultaneously, with measurement function
  • External mouse provide easy operation
  • Dual screen output simultaneously, with HDMI display screen

Tags: Stereo Microscopes

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IPS 10”
1/3” CMOS 4M
17X ~ 120X

HVS-400P integrated optical microscope combined the continuous zoom optical lenses and high denfinition digital camera. It solves the problem of mess of wires, because the power of display screen, camera and ring light is supplied by the microscope itself. USB & HDMI output simultaneously. Multi-function digital camera 4MP, HD CMOS Sensor provides clear image and recurs the ture resolution and color image. Full HD image frame rate up to 30FPS above, not only provides the high definition, but also bring you fleet observation experience. HVS-400P integrated optical microscope is widely used in agriculture and forestry, archaeological identification, PC line inspection, textile industry, universities and research institutions etc.



Dimension of HVS-400P

Dimension of  HVS-400PDimension of  HVS-400P

Specification for HVS-400P

Touch Screen

IPS 10” angle adjustable: -5°~ 15°,


Continuous Zoom 0.7X-4.5X

Video Function

real-time HDR, integrated OSD menu


1/3” CMOS 4M, (16G), support SD Card

Output interface

HDMIUSB Mini USB2.0, wireless keyboards and mice


17X ~ 120X

Aux. Objective

1X, W.D.: 105mm

1.4X, W.D.: 100mm (optional)

0.5X, W.D.: 170mm (optional)


LED ring light, 56 LED, with adjustable knob, switch; color temperature: 5000-5500K

Base stand

Arm, large plate stand, moving range: 225mm


Internal hexagonal wrench

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