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POL1800 Trinocular Birefringence Object Research & Identification Polarizing Microscope


40X~600X, 6V30W halogen lamp, brightness enable control


  • Adopt infinity optical system
  • Infinity long W.D plan objectives, the field of view is widely and clear.
  • Wide-field plan eyepieces: field number Ф22mm.
  • Coaxial coarse/fine focus system, with tensional adjustable and up stop, minimum division of fine focusing: 2μm.
  • Take-down style polarizer, 360° rotatable, have 0, 90, 180, 270 four scale, located down the aperture diaphragm
  • Impellent style analyer, 360° rotatable, push in/ out from optical path conveniently
  • Rotatable stage, 360° graduated in 1° increments, minimum retardation resolution 6' center adjustable and with tightener
  • Wide voltage range power supply (85-265V 50/60Hz), 6V30W halogen lamp, brightness adjustable.
  • Trinocular can be observation for eyepieces and microphotography in 100% light flux, suits for low illuminance microphotography.

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WF 10X (Φ22mm)
inclined 30˚
6V30W halogen
Abbe condenser N.A. 1.25

POL1800 Polarizing Microscope is utilized polarizing light to observe and research the matter which have double refraction features, enable to observe in single polarizing, orthogonal, conoscope. It can be applied in geology, chemicals, physic and leechdom fields, widely used to observe the crystal of liquid macromolecule polymer, biomedical polymer and liquid crystal. It is the ideal instrument for scientific research and universities teaching demo.

Trinocular, single diopter adjustment, inclined 30°, can be connected to the camera. 10X wide field plan eyepiece, field Φ22mm, can provide expanse and smooth observation space. Another eyepiece is 10X division eyepiece used for proofreading the centre.

The intermediate attachment includes the impellent style of analyer (360° retatable with scale and fine nonius) which can be taken off from the light path and the impellent style of bertrand lens (centeradjustable). It can be added λ compensator, λ/4 compensator or quarts wedge compensator. Strain-free plan achromatic objective (no cover glass) and center adjustable.

Rotund rotatable stage, Φ150mm diameter, 360° graduated (in 1° increments), miniunm, retardation resolution 6’, center adjustable and with tightener.

6V 30W halogen lamp, brightness adjustable. Polarizer, 360° rotatable, having 0, 90, 180, 270 four scale, set under the aperture disphragm, can take down from the optics body.

6V 30W halogen lamp, brightness adjustable. Polarizer, 360° rotatable, analyzer can be ratatable 360° with scale and minium vernier. Integrated field and aperture diaphragm.

By adding the appurtenance such as CCD adapter, digital camera adapter and single-reverse digital camera adapter etc. It can achieve high clear observation mode of camera and vidicon.



Head of POL1800Stage of POL1800

Head & Stage of POL1800

Transmitted Illumination System of POL1800

Transmitted Illumination System of POL1800

Diagram of POL1800:

Diagram of POL1800

Dimension of POL1800:

Dimension of POL1800

Specification for POL1800


WF 10X (Φ22mm)

Dividing eyepiece (Φ22mm) 0.10mm/Div

Eyepiece Tube

Trinocular is inclined 30˚ and enable to shoot in 100% light flux


Strain-free plan achromatic objective (no cover glass)

PL L4X/0.10 (Work distance)19.8 mm

PL L10X/0.25 (Work distance)5.0 mm

PL L40X/0.65£¨spring£©(Work distance)0.66 mm

PL L60X/0.80£¨spring£©(Work distance)0.45 mm



Transmitted Illumination System

6V30W halogen, brightness enable control.

Rotated 360°, have 0, 90, 180, 270 scale

Abbe condenser N.A. 1.25 and add iris diaphragm


Quadruple (the center of nosepiece is adjustable )

Focus System

Coaxial coarse/fine focus system, with tension adjustable and up stop, minimum division of fine focusing is 2.0μm

Intermediate attachment

Integrated analyzer, can be switched to normal or polarizing observe freely , enable 0~90° rotated and minimum vernier division is 12'.

Puller type bertrand lens and center adjustable.

λ , λ/4 and quarts wedge compensator.


λ , λ/4 and quarts wedge compensator

Accessory for POL1800

Infinity Obje ctive

Strain-free plan achromatic objective (no cover glass)

PL L20X/0.40 (Work distance)8.8mm

PL L60X/0.80 (spring) (Work distance)0.46mm


Quintuple (Backward ball bearing inner locating )

Slide moving holder

Moving range: 30mm x 25mm

CCD Adapter




0.5X with dividing 0.1mm/Div


DV-1 Video output£¨380/520 TV line£© USB output £¨0.42 M pixel£©

DV-2 With USB output £¨1.3M,3.0M,5.0M ,10.0Mpixel£©

DV-3 With video output£¨380/520 TV line£©

Digital Camera adapter

CANON(A570,A610,A620,A630,A640,A650,EF) NIKON( F)

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